February 8, 2010

I think it's only fair...

For those of you who have children, you know that fifth grade is a big year - the time that the "dreaded" maturation program is shown to all the boys and girls at school.  When Evan was in fifth grade, Tom was at Fort Lewis in Washington. I offered to go with Ev to the program, but he decided he was too cool to have mom show up for a "father/son" type event.

When Braden was in the same grade, Tom was working for a company in Afghanistan.  I made Bray the same offer, and he accepted (I really didn't think he would!), so off I went.  I think the whole ordeal was much more embarassing for me than it was for Braden as I sat in a room full of dads and little boys learning WAYYYY more than I ever wanted to know about males and puberty.  I really had NO idea!

Tomorrow is Savannah's big day at school, and I think it's only fair that Tom should have to accompany her.  ;-P

February 7, 2010

Homework time?

Note the pencil still in her hand.  Math still does this to me!

February 2, 2010

How do you put a title on this?!!!

Several Sundays ago was "Sanctity of Life" week at our church.  As part of that, members of a local pregnancy choices center that focuses on helping young girls dealing with unplanned pregnancies attended church that day, setting up a display table in the lobby.  Many of the women in our church had made baby blankets to present to them, and there were baby bottles stuffed with change to help with the costs.  Most popular with the younger kids were the "babies" - lifelike rubber babies the same size and details as a 12-week baby in the womb.

Savannah took one, of course.  Unbeknown to us at the time, so did the boys.

Tom and I had to stay after church for a monthly business meeting, so we sent all three kids home with Evan in my car, and I rode with Tom.

Arriving home, this is what we saw attached to the front door:

Not sure what else to even say... Pray for me?!!