May 30, 2011

Lifestyle Class - Week 2 Homework

This week in my class, we first focused on "Point of View" - trying to look at things from more than just the eye-level, ho-hum angle.  I've annoyed and alienated at least two of my children this weekend, following them around with the camera, begging for "just one more shot... or else!"  Momma's not above a little blackmail, if it gets me what I need!  :o)  I would have gotten the third child, but he and the hubby went camping (meaning they huddled in the trailer most of the weekend while the rain and snow fell).  I also tried some shots of the doggies, but they're just too quick for me, so I'm settling on some shots of Savannah doing her hair - something that she spends roughly 3.2 hours of each day working on...

This last one she had kicked me out of the room, then thought she was clever by opening both doors to the medicine cabinet to block my view.  Guess I showed her!

The second part of our assignment this week was to focus on "Less is More," taking the big picture of our "story" and then narrowing it down to the small details.  Since it was Memorial Day weekend, I took the opportunity to visit my grandparents' graves.

Finally, even though it's not part of the assignment, no Memorial Day post could be complete without a giant "Thank You" to all our veterans, both past and present. These are for you:

May 23, 2011

Lifestyle Class - Week 1 Homework

I just started taking an online photography class called "Lifestyle: Telling the Story," taught by Brooke Snow, an incredible lifestyle photographer in our area.

For this week's assignment, we were supposed to focus on our "Character's" details.  Savannah's 12th birthday is today (Happy Birthday to my sweet baby!), and we had her party this weekend, so I thought that it/she would be the ideal subject matter.  Her favorite colors of the moment are hot pink and lime green (do NOT make the mistake of calling it neon!), and she is fully your typical "tween" with a love of the two Taylors (Lautner and Swift), and her walls are wallpapered with a ridiculous number of posters of the two...

(The cake got squished on the drive home from the store... :(  )

Catching pictures that caught her in conflict were tough:  due to my habit of using her as my practice model one-too-many times, she spins her head any time she sees me with the camera.  Accordingly, I have all to many shots that look like this: 

However, I did manage to sneak a few that I like, especially with her friends around.  Turns out that when you get a group of 11-12 year old girls together, there's nothing more that they like than to pose for that next Facebook profile pic!