July 23, 2011

It's a Natural High

I am a child of simple pleasures:  A good book to read, a glass of iced tea with lemon, watching the sun set over the Wellsville Mountains... They never get old.  And garage sales... I LOVE me a good garage sale.

This morning my husband and I were sitting quietly in our room, reading our respective sections of the newspaper (meaning: I was stuck with the classifieds and the sports section because my DH takes foreverrrrr to read the first section).  Flipping through the classifieds, my eyes immediately were drawn to the bold "Garage Sales" heading. 

"Do you know what?!"  I asked him in astonishment, knowing he was probably only half-listening, and not expecting an answer.  "I haven't been to a single garage sale this summer..."

"Well, why not?" he responded - this was big news - lifting his face from page 3. 

I quietly ponder this for a moment.  Why haven't I been to any?  Is it the lack of money since the cost of everything has skyrocketed?  Is it because I've run out of rooms to stash my treasures?  Is it my newly-found resolve to de-clutter and simplify life (or at least my surroundings)? 

Well, yes... those are all valid reasons.  But wait!  I know what it really boils down to: 

"To get any of the good stuff, you have to get up wayyyy  too flippin' early, and sleep is a precious commodity!"

My younger son had just wandered in and plopped himself down in a chair.

"It sounds like you're talking about where to get your drugs!"

Not far off the mark, son, not far off the mark...  =)