October 30, 2008

Happy birthday to Evan

16 years ago today, I gave birth to one of the cutest baby boys ever to walk the face of the earth (cutest, that is, until 20 months later when the other cutest baby boy was born to create a tie)...

Yes, Evan turns 16 today, which is very exciting to both of us. However, it also means that I'm getting to be REALLY OLD. Ah well... I figure I've earned all of these gray hairs. Not surprisingly, most of them have probably come courtesy of my Ev-Man, but that's a post for another day :).

Anyway, when Evan was born, I had planned on creating a journal to record all the cute things he did. A short 2 1/2 years later I actually purchased two journals: one for each boy. And I wrote in each of them for approximately 2-3 days. I know, I suck... I always figured that "one day" when I had the time, I would sit down and write up all the stories before I forgot them. Well, I think we all know how that's gone, especially considering my track record as of late (such as leaving Evan waiting for hours at the high school, as one example among many).

I have been feeling very sentimental lately, what with Evan reaching this big milestone, and also since I've gotten on facebook and reconnected with some friends from my high school days, among other things. So tonight, in honor of Ev's birthday, I record for all posterity the story of his birth, which is the only story in his journal:

March 22, 1995

Dear Evan,
You were born October 30, 1992 in Ogden, Utah, and you were 2 days overdue. I started labor on a Thursday night (the 29th) while your father and I were out to eat at the Athenian Restaurant (apparently you didn't care for Greek food!) with your Grandma and Grandpa Vaux. While I was in the hospital, they monitored my contractions to see how we were doing. You apparently had other ideas about being born, because after each contraction would push you down a little bit, you would wiggle back up to where you had started! After what seemed like an eternity, you were finally born at 3:27 p.m. in the middle of the first big storm of the season. I can vividly remember being in the middle of labor and the electricity and lights in the hospital kept flickering on and off. When you were finally born, and they placed you in my arms, I cried. Never had I seen such a beautiful baby, and I fell completely in love with you in that one instant.

It's funny, but even though I can no longer remember what I had for lunch yesterday, that memory is still as ingrained in my head as it was in 1995 when I wrote it.

And I'm still just as much in love with you now, seeing the young man you are becoming, as I was back then when all I could do was imagine your future.

I love you, and happy birthday!


Lo said...

A lovely sentiment for a charming young man. I adore that kid and I, too, remember him when he was little -- more vividly, alas, than my own kids, although I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell them that. It's my advanced age, I think.


Only one journal entry...?
Kinda reminds me of our first family picture. When Aly is 20 something she's probably going to ask us why she looks like she's eight. Oh, she was eight!


Anonymous said...

I simply adore that young man...no longer a baby. And speaking of babies, you need not complain that his turning 16 makes you feel old.....your graduation made me feel old, your independence made me feel old, and when you turned 30 it became official that I am truly old. His introduction into the world made me not care if I am old.....grandchildren are the people that makes it all OK!

I wish Evan a truly happy birthday and I hope you know what a good mom you really are (memory lapses and all). You have raised a very remarkable, kind, and smart young man. He's sure to go far with such a good foundation and the support of a wonderful family! Thanks for letting us be there when he came into our world! Love MOM