May 28, 2009

Has anyone seen where my month went?

Goodness! Here it is May 28th, mere hours from May 29th, and I can't quite figure out what happened to the rest of the month. I know I'm not alone in this, but it seems like the last month of the school year fairly zings on by, but this year has been worse than most. I've attended umpteen soccer games (is it rotten of me to admit that I almost cried tears of joy when Savannah's soccer coach sadly announced that they wouldn't be making up any of the games that were cancelled because of snow?), three retirement parties, doctors and dentist appointments, school appointments, school races, birthday parties, found homes for 3 kittens, and oh yeah, officially became a mother-in-law, all while working my normal 40-hour-week and feeding real meals to my family!

There have been many things that have happened, but honestly, I'm so tired at this point I can't remember most, but I'll at least give some of the highlights.

May is the month for birthdays of three of my most favorite and treasured people: my Aunt Lois (who turned the big 5-0), my daughter Savannah, and one of my best-girl's, Dawn, whom I've been friends with since 5th grade (let's just say that was
quite a few years ago!).

A few weekends ago I scored MAJOR cool-mommy points by taking Savannah to see the new Hannah Montana movie. I have to say that I dreaded going more than the last root-canal I suffered through, but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was really mostly decently done, without all the horrible canned laughter and lame jokes that the TV show has, and really had a good message to little idol-driven kids about remaining true to family and friends. And I have to say that I really like the "Hoedown Throwdown" song. Who knew?!!

Our family celebrated the whole Memorial Day weekend by re-shingling one-half of our poor, rotting roof. In the pouring rain. With lightning, although I was finally able to talk the boys into a retreat from the roof when I reminded them that I
personally know two people who have been struck by lightning. With our luck, those are just not good odds in our favor! The weather turned sunny on Monday, and we were able to finish up around 3:00 p.m., just in time to barbecue a few steaks with friends who had helped us before we all collapsed from exhaustion. In between helping with the roofing (I was the shingle cutting girl - at least I have a fall-back skill now if I ever lose my job!), I spent hours weeding my little garden spot, trying to prepare it for the many tomato plants that are waiting to be planted, washing and folding laundry, doing the dishes, and feeding all of us so that we had steam enough to keep going. Needless to say, I started off this week feeling completely exhausted, and I still haven't caught up!

Josh and his lovely bride Jess tied the knot on Friday, May 22nd in a small ceremony with their Pastor in Tennessee (Woo-Hoo!!! We love you guys!) and then spent their honeymoon weekend moving into their new home (which I haven't seen yet, because **cough**cough**, Josh won't ever send pictures!). They will be coming home for a visit mid-June before Josh leaves for Iraq in July.

To top it off, Savannah's birthday was this past Saturday, and she turned the ancient age of 10. My baby is 10! The big 1-0. Double Digits. And yes, we celebrated by doing the roof. To be fair and to prove I'm not quite the world's worst mother, I did let her have a sleepover with a friend on Friday night. They stayed up until 3:30 a.m. fueled by pizza and Mountain Dew before finally crashing, only to wake up again at 7:00 a.m. Let's just say that she was a
teensy-weensy bit ornery by about 1:00 p.m., so much so that I finally made my newly-minted 10-year-old baby go take a nap, just like in the old days!

Anyway, it has been my intent to do a special "birthday" post for all of the kids on their birthday, but with the month I've had, I just can't do it justice, at least not yet. So, I promise to write my "all about Savannah" blog this weekend, but in the meantime, I'm going to bed! In looking back at it all, it's no wonder my head is spinning (gotta love that Meniere's too...)

Welcome summer! (Doesn't it look like we're having fun here? Well, at least Evan was... :-) )


Lo said...

Are you kidding? Put boys on a roof and I guarantee they are having fun!
You had quite the month. Yikes. And I did not know that Josh was scheduled for Iraq. I will triple my existing prayers.
Love you tons,

Jess said...

Sounds like a busy month there too! I must say that I do have the best mother-in-law ever!! Can't wait to see you! I posted pictures of the house on facebook!

Love you,

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I miss you...
I will hire you to do my roof when I decide to reshingle the top half. Which I think will have to happen sometime soon. I will only be able to pay in hot dogs and hamburgers though. So it's not like you would be rolling in the big bucks or anything. Plus you would have to bring your own shaffolding (you've seen how steep are roof is). You'll probably just want to pass on it anyway. I still love you.

Anonymous said...

I think (from the photos) that your boys-all three of them - did a wonderful job of putting on a roof! I'm sorry I missed the party! I really am the original bad Mom, from whom you have learned every bad thing you have ever done! Please forgive me, and know that someday your kids will tell you about the things they did for which (had you known at the time) the penalty would probably have been death. So being a bad Mom does pay dividends, and it's good you lived, cause you guys are the icing on the cake, the joy in the morning, and the stars that shine most brightly at night.

And when I do our roof I'm going to need a "cutting girl". Might you be available? I can warp time too ya know! Pick a month you want to miss and I'll start our roof.

I love you,