August 13, 2009

Enterprising Young Thing...

This past week, Savannah got bored and decided to do the typical lemonade stand to make some money. The only problem was that we didn't have any lemonade or kool-aid, so she decided to sell cups of tap-water.

Braden, home supervising her at the time, gave her his blunt opinion of the idea.

"Savannah, that's a stupid idea. Everybody has their own tap-water. You might as well sell rocks!"

So that's what she did: an hour later she called to let me know she'd earned about a dollar selling gravel she'd scooped out of the driveway.

This girl will go far!


Jess said...

Thats great! Well at least she sold some rocks!! If she needs more I have got plenty in my yard that I am willing to give to her! Love you guys!

Nicole said...

Have you thought about having your blog published into a book of short stories? It would be a best seller!