October 10, 2009

Oh, to be like my mom... :)

October 10, 2009

Braden has been on a kick here lately wherein he tries to push my buttons by "acting" like a sexist pig. If I didn't know what a good-hearted kid he really is, it would probably be enough to make me run him over with my car.

A typical conversation with him goes a little something like this:

ME: Braden, I need you to...

BRADEN: Don't talk to me, WOMAN.

ME: Braden! Hush up and...

BRADEN: Are you still talking?!

ME: Grrr....

Or he'll ask me if I want to hear a funny joke.

BRADEN: Why'd the woman cross the road?

ME: Why? (Even though I should know better than to encourage him)

BRADEN: What's she doing out of the kitchen?!

He has at least a dozen of those.

Anyway, earlier today, we were going through the typical routine, and I told him that I was going to thump on him if he didn't knock it off.

He responded that I couldn't do it, even with his broken leg.

So I pulled out the big guns, invoking my mother's name:

ME: Would you say that to Grandma Kathy?

BRADEN (in a totally serious manner): Mom, I'm a smart-aleck; not stupid!!

At least he's learned where to draw the line :)


Nicole Norris said...

Oh how funny! That is great! I needed a good laugh, thanks! By the way I bought that book you recommended and have been really enjoying it. Thanks.

Lo said...

To really appreciate this, people need to know Kath. I know if I ever go to war, at my back I want Kathy.

Robert Schmidt said...

Here's where I would draw the line... that type of joking, especially the "Don't talk to me, WOMAN!," reinforces a behavior. He's practicing his communication skills. And if he knows it's wrong, then why is he saying it? I would bet this happens in school as well.

Tracy said...
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Tracy said...
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Anonymous said...

This post is really for Robert Schmidt. Robert, you just have to know the sense of humor that is involved here. Braden would never say anything like that to someone he didn't know and love, and when he says these things he is JOKING. I'm sure you a very nice guy, but you have to learn to take a joke! We're a very nice family of smartallecs (SP?) who joke about being brain dead, who joke about the weather, our days, our friends, and life in general. To NOT joke about things is something we have yet to master. My husband (Braden's grandpa) is probably the worst of the lot. He lost a leg a couple of years ago, and could hardly wait till the grandkids came. As soon as they did, all nervous because they didn't know what to say or not to say, he immediately told one of them "will you pull my leg......off?". I now threaten the kids with "grandpa's leg" too.......when they push a button I tell them if they aren't careful I will kick them with Grandpa's leg. Grandpa is always game to let me use it in a pinch. Braden can't really help it. We love to laugh and we laugh at ourselves and each other and enjoy life on a regular basis. So don't take the posts too seriously. Braden is a warmhearted, loving, cheerful clown. Just like the rest of his clan. But if you ever need help with anything he'll be right there to lend a hand, offer a shoulder, or a smile and a hug. I'm terribly proud of him, AND his sense of humor!