January 30, 2010

On the Lighter Side

I thought I'd relate a funny moment from Evan's recent joining of the National Guard. The recruiter picked him up Thursday afternoon to take him to Salt Lake for the night so that he could be up and ready to go at 0500. :) Evan was pretty excited about the fact that he would get to stay in a 5-star hotel, and had been bragging to me about having a pool party.

I explained to him that we live in Utah, so there ARE no 5-star hotels (I'm sure we probably do have, but I've never had the opportunity to stay in one, Utah or elsewhere). Nonetheless, he dutifully packed his swimming trunks and off he went.

He called home about 6:00 p.m. Thursday night, bored to tears already.

"What about your pool party?" I gleefully asked. "After all, you ARE in a 5-star hotel."

Turns out that there was a swimming pool. Unfortunately, it happened to be under snow and ice at the moment. It really does sound like the rooms were nice though, with a big screen TV and a sleep-number bed (something I would love to have).

He'll get the royal treatment again the night before he leaves for basic training. The recruiter explained to him that any time the government puts you up in such a nice place, you can guarantee that life's about to get pretty miserable!


kris... said...

I don't know... I think the Grand America might count as a five star hotel. This is too funny! Like the military would treat him to a five star hotel?? Really? LOL

Lo said...

Any fool can stay in a five-star hotel. But you have to take a vacation with your aunt to New Mexico to stay in a hotel you'll remember forever. LOL.

WV: Ainsking. I ainsking, I'se slippen.

Tracy said...

Believe it or not, Lo, the hotel Tom and I stayed in the first night of our honeymoon was even more "memorable" than the one in New Mexico. Of course, it was lacking the hurricane-force winds and rain, but the general ambiance was much the same!