March 10, 2010

You're as Cold as Ice

For some reason, I'm getting more adventurous in my old age than I ever used to be, even during my "wild" (not!) teenage years.  This past weekend, Braden, Savannah, and I rented snowshoes and went snowshoeing with some friends of ours from church, my first time ever.  If you haven't ever been, you really owe it to yourself to try it!  The day was beautiful and the snow was perfect, and even though we probably hiked 2 or more miles, my legs still functioned the next day... ;-)

The next day I dragged Tom out for a small snowshoeing excursion.  Aside from the beauty and fun of the outing, it also gave us a chance to REALLY enjoy each others company and visit with each other - beyond the usual "How was your day? Really? That's Nice..." "What's for dinner?" and "Goodnight" that normally passes for in-depth conversation.  During this, our talk turned to the kids.  I happened to mention to him how handsome I thought Braden was becoming.  In fact, I couldn't just leave it at that; I had to embellish a little, saying something along the lines of "if I were Braden's age, I would definitely have a crush on him - and he's such a kindhearted kid too!"  

So tonight, Tom was trying to butter Braden up a little.  As he was leaving the room to go downstairs to bed, Tom called him back. 

"Hey Bray!  Do you know what your mom told me the other day?  She said that you're a total stud; that if she were your age, she would totally be after you, etc. etc. etc." 

This was met with embarassed silence from both Braden and me.  He quickly grinned and said goodnight, then practically ran for the stairs. 

A minute later he popped his head around the door again, just enough to show his impish grin.
"Hey mom!  If you weren't like 100 years old and didn't look like a dinosaur and you were my age..." 
 Is it too late to take back that part about him being nice and kindhearted? 

P.S.  As I was downloading photos, I received a text message from my little hottie:  "Good night my love. If you don't mind, I would very much like it you could start singing "This land was made for you and me" loudly to soothe me to sleep."  :-)  Did I mention what a dork he is also?!

How boring would life be without kids!  They truly make it all worthwhile...


Lo said...

Besides loving him, I really LIKE that kid.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny about the comments he made. I am at working lmbo!!

Nicole Norris said...

I love that your son thinks you are as old as dinosaurs. Gotta love kids. They always make you feel so good about your self.

Anonymous said...

That little "hunk" just cracks me up!! He really has grown into a handsome young man....and he has a great future in stand-up comedy. Gramma