December 16, 2010

Outside - at You Capture

This week's assignment at You Capture was to head outside.  We had a major snowstorm/blizzard a couple of weeks ago, making for beautiful deep snow in the yard, but this last week has been warm and rainy (and foggy!  I am SO SICK of driving to work in a fog - I do that well enough on my own, thank you), melting all the snow and leaving a muddy, brown mess.

Determined to pick up the camera from its forced hiatus (i.e., my class that sucked up every spare second of my time, plus quite a few extras), Savannah and I headed up Blacksmith Fork Canyon last Sunday right before the sun set.  We found this scene at a pretty little park where I took approximately 5 photos before my battery died.  (Note to self: next time, LOOK at the battery icon before heading out).

Thankfully (and I honestly can't believe I'm saying that!) it snowed again, so yesterday I brought my camera with me and grabbed a few shots.  It was truly beautiful, and I'm grateful for the photo assignment or I'd have probably stayed bundled up and never taken these.

Now if it would just stay off the roads!



Carrie said...

My favorite is that snowy bench - wow! Just a great capture and should be framed!

Jen said...

These are so classically beautiful! When I think of snow, this is what I think of!

Kirsten said...

You did awesome! These are beautiful. And I fog is pretty when you have nowhere to be.

Nicole Norris said...

Oh your pictures are GORGEOUS!!! You could use them on a Christmas card. You are so amazing. btw I like your new blog background too.

ToadMama said...

Oooh, very pretty. I love the snow-encrusted pine needles. My favorite, though, is the one with the streetlight. I just love the color. Thanks for stopping by today!

Amber said...

Oh the bench and the trees what great shots!