January 7, 2011

I Bet This Doesn't Happen at YOUR Work...

Or "You know when you work in a College of Natural Resources When..." 

Like many offices, our college has a break room with a pop machine, small fridge, sink, and microwave, which is used by faculty, staff, and students alike.  My particular department has its own microwave, so I don't use the communal one very often. 

I was a good girl and brought leftovers for lunch today, but after eating it (really good seafood fettuccine, if I do say so myself) I needed to wash my bowl, so off to the kitchen I went. 

Affixed firmly to the door of the microwave was the following sign,

and I quote:

Do not use.
This microwave needs to be cleaned.  
Individual thawing bird, please clean ASAP.

Seriously?  Thawing birds? 


Shortly thereafter, my co-worker filled me in on the story.  It seems another staff member had gone in to cook her lunch and popped open the door only to find a still partially-frozen, fully feathered bird of some sort, lying peacefully in repose. 

I'm not so sure I will EVER even use that kitchen again.
Ewwww, ewwww, ewwww... 

And, winging a wild guess (pun intended), I'll bet nobody ever claims responsibility.

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Lo said...

OK, I am officially done complaining about the slobs in our kitchen at work.