August 4, 2008

How much are these photos worth? Priceless!

As promised, here are a few pictures from our recent camping trip up at Temple Flats near Bear Lake. The road to get there is HORRIBLE, but the views once you get there are all worth it, and because it's so bumpy, there weren't that many other campers, so we were able to be choosy in picking our camp site. The weather was absolutely perfect all 4 days, and we did lots of riding the trails on the 4-wheeler, and I was able to relax and do lots of reading, crossword puzzles, and working on a latch-hook kit that Braden got for his birthday (I promised not to do it all - I'm just "helping.")

As a mom permanently attached to the camera, some of my favorite shots to take are those that can be used for future blackmail opportunities. On this trip, I was able to take some doozies... When the boys were younger, I always knew that one day, far in the future, they would become interested in girls and I would need this material. Finally, all that hard work is about to pay off! Savannah just turned 9, but I figure it's never too soon to start. And, if you're lucky enough to get a great shot of your dear hubby, it's all just a bonus!

First thing in the morning, Tom serenades Savannah... Oh wait, I just caught him mid-yawn!

As a baby, Braden always wiggled, snuffled, and spread out. Some things never change - now he's just bigger, and the feet are more toxic. :)

This photo of Evan defies description... and may actually be a little disturbing! :)

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