February 6, 2009

Leno's got nothing on Braden

Tonight, as I was scrubbing potatoes for the spicy potato soup I'm cooking for dinner, Braden came into the kitchen. Being the sweet-hearted boy that he is, he grabbed the potatoes and, WITHOUT BEING ASKED, started peeling them for me.

To illustrate an average conversation with him and his rapidly-bouncing mind (I swear he literally vibrates with energy, even when standing still in one spot), I record our conversation now for all posterity:

B: Okay mom, tell me a song you want me to sing.

Me: Ummm... (thinking to myself - what song do I NOT want him to ruin for me?)

B: Come on! Think of something country.

Me: Desperado

B: Desperado! Why don't you come to your senses? You've been out riding fences... (Sung as if he was giving an American Idol audition until SUDDENLY, like a Blake Lewis wannabe, the song turns into a beatbox version complete with dance moves).

B: Okay, now give me a love song!

Me: Groovy Kind of Love

B: (Launches into a 5-minute monologue wherein he is Delilah of sappy-love-song radio fame and her caller who is explaining her epiphany about love. I wish I'd had a recorder, because it was completely hysterical! He ended the monologue with the caller asking for "Groovy Kind of Love" only to be told by Delilah that she doesn't know that one.

B: Give me a different love song!

Me: You're the Inspiration

B: Thank you, but what song do you want? Give me another one!

Me: (Brief pause as I roll my eyes...)

B: Joanie, please say you'll wait for me... (this is a HORRIBLE old country song by Conway Twitty that he discovered a few months back that he routinely tortures me with).

As I groaned in disgust, he wandered off to the next amusement. Life here is never dull!


Jess said...

Sounds like some fun at the Jones' house last night!!

Lorrie Veasey said...

Two words:


Time to hide cameras in the cabinets so you don't miss moments such as this!

Nicole said...

That is why we have kids! They keep us laughing. I am with Lorrie, you have got to get this on video!


Love the new digs!

oh yeah, the post was good too!