March 26, 2011

Joy of Luck, Days 2-4

Day 2 on my "Joy of Luck" photography assignment was to photograph something green.  Since I'm desperate for spring, I thought that, surely, I could find some cheerful little flowers poking their heads up through the ground.  Ahem. 

I guess winter is never leaving my little corner of the frozen tundra, so I was forced, instead, to find green things around the house. 

I may be 20-something with many years experience, but I still love me a teddy bear, especially the old-fashioned looking variety.  I also have discovered that for 5-bucks, I can treat myself for months with this wonderful goat's milk soap that is sold in a boutique here in town.  I love the creamy softness, and it smells divine...

This is one of a set of cute frog canisters that I inherited when my Grandma Hooper passed away.  I didn't get to know her very well for a variety of reasons, but every memory I do have of her house includes this little frog set.  They also had a creaking rocking chair, and I can vividly remember my little 4-year-old self sitting on my grandfather's lap rocking in what I had dubbed the "frog chair," the woodsy scent of his pipe filling the air. 

Another of my five-buck pick-me-ups is flowers from the grocery store.  Mother nature may not be willing to bring spring to me, so I occasionally bring it to myself.  What can I say?  It keeps me from curling into a ball and crying in the corner...

Moving on to Day 3:  A lucky token.

I have never been one for believing in lucky tokens, although I still have to stop myself from lifting my feet whenever I pass over train tracks to avoid bad luck!  Anyway, instead of a lucky token I thought I'd show you a "lucky find" instead.

About 6 years ago I stumbled on an estate auction one Saturday morning.  I had never been to one before, and this one was a doozy.  Fortunately, I had Evan with me that day, and I kept him busy carting boxes of my loot out to our vehicle.  My favorite treasure of the day was this little Enesco music box...

It has an electrical plug, and when turned on it plays "Oh What A Beautiful Morning," while all the little mice figurines move around inside.  In short, it's adorable and never ceases to bring a smile to my face.  Enesco no longer makes these "musicals," and they routinely sell for $100 or more on E-bay, although I've never seen this particular one on there.  I did find a listing for it on a collector's website for a mere $750... I paid $20, and was instantly addicted to auctions!

Finally, Day 4's assignment was to take pictures of 7 material items that I love. 

I'm counting the music box and the canister set, followed by these:

I always loved the comic strip "Bloom County," (still do, actually!), and received this Opus stuffed animal for my 16th birthday.

I love to cross-stitch, and I started this picture when I was pregnant with Evan.  A year later, I finally finished it and had it framed. 

I started a large cross-stitch for Savannah when I was pregnant to put in her nursery.  It's only about two-thirds done, but I tell myself that I will finish it for her high school graduation.  Or to put in her baby's nursery, you know, after she's allowed to marry in her 40's.

I've imagined myself sitting on these porch steps many a time... :o) 

When my Grandma Collins died, I was given her jar of charms.  Here in this old Miracle Whip jar lays tokens from my mom's, my aunt's, and my uncles' childhood...  My biggest thrill when I was a kid was getting to get out a cookie sheet and spread the contents of this jar around, looking at each little trinket individually.

Another thing I got from my Grandma was a love of salt and pepper shakers, which she collected.  A few from my collection were handed down from her, but the rest I've amassed myself.

These are a few of my favorites from her collection: a Maytag washer and dryer set, the penguins - Salty and Peppy, and my all-time favorite, the toaster.  The shakers are the slices of bread, and if you press down the lever the bread actually moves down further in the slots. 

I found this little guy on a family vacation - I can't remember if it was in the Tetons or Glacier National Park.  Either way, I love how his body hugs the trunk of the tree.

This little stacking Victorian house set I got on our honeymoon.

This is the first pair I ever bought for myself, purchased when my Aunt Lois took my brother, cousin, and I to the Grand Canyon.  They also remind me of the pair I didn't buy because I am too cheap!  It was a rattlesnake, and both the head and the rattler lifted out of the body and were the shakers.  I will go to my grave regretting that I didn't shell out that five bucks!

These are Savannah's favorites because the Route 66 sign actually lights up, and the nozzles can actually lift off the side of the gas pump.

Another one from Grandma's collection.  I never learned to play piano, but I love this because it reminds me of both my grandparents'.

Finally, this little frog music box that my aunt bought for Evan when he was a baby, which is never allowed to leave my house because I love it so... :o)


kris... said...

Savannah's hair... gorgeous.

And you were probably the one that got me hooked on Opus! Love him, and have that very same one!

Nicole Norris said...

Fun pics. Savannah's hair looks GORGEOUS!! Just a side note.